British Curriculum

British Curriculum with UK-trained Teachers

At Capital School we follow the National Curriculum for England. Our teachers are carefully selected and come from high performing schools in the UK. They are highly skilled at implementing the requirements of the National Curriculum for England to an excellent standard.

Celebrating the Tolerant and Innovative Culture of UAE

We embrace and leverage the world-class and progressive initiatives of Dubai and the UAE for learning opportunities. Our students are fully engaged with EXPO 2021, Happiness and Well-Being, Tolerance and other local projects across the country.

We are fully compliant with Dubai’s curriculum expectations for the teaching of Arabic, Islamic Education, Moral Education and Social Studies.

Digitally Equipped Learning Environments

Capital School incorporates the best modern practices into our teaching and ensures that our digital technologies are in line with what would be expected of a top British school. There are interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, two ICT suites and a variety of iPads and Chromebooks available in all classrooms for children to make everyday use of.

Our Assessment Accreditations

Our assessment procedures are in line with British standards. We use summative assessments such as CAT4 and GL Progress tests to track the progress of each pupil. As with other top British schools, we have a strong Special Education Needs (SEN) team who offer learning support, as well as English As An Additional Language (EAL) and gifted and talented intervention programmes.

We are fully accredited with BSO, highlighting the fact that the British character of the school is evident in its ethos, curriculum, teaching and care for pupils and pupils’ achievements.